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Binder Preparation Vessel

Rapid Mixer GranulatorTapasya's Binder Preparation Vessel (Paste Preparation Kettle) has been designed uniquely for optimal mixing efficiency so as to ensure a homogeneous mix. The special stirrer in the vessel has been designed to create vortex inside the solvent which enhances the desired solubility of pharmaceutical binder solute into the various solvents.

Due to its unique design the binder solution can be directly transferred into the processing equipment such as high shear mixer granulator, planetary mixers or fluid bed processor.

  • Designed uniquely for optimal mixing efficiency
  • Special stirrer included for homogenous mix
  • Controlled temperature exposure with special jacketed bowl
  • Variable rotation rate possible
  • Custom-made capacity
  • Integration of flow rate control assembly into system
  • Direct transfer of binder solution to granulation processing equipment
  • Cleaning & maintenance easy
Benefits For You
  • Optimal mixing efficiency to ensure a homogeneous mix
  • Easy handling
  • Easy maintenance
Technical Specifications


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