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Rapid Mixer GranulatorTapasya's Tipper, a Hydraulically or mechanically operated equipment is used for lifting and tipping granules from the FBE Bowl to granulating equipment and through it to a BIN or an IPC container. The Tipper provides a dust free operation and eliminates tedious scooping or manual handling and is fabricated with high quality SS to impart a cGMP finish.

  • High Quality SS for lift ypke & discharge cone clamps
  • Water tight Control cabinet with hydraulic power pack & electric controls
  • Stable Design conforming to cGMP/cGEP Standards
  • Hydraulic Cylinder with 3 stage Fail safe seals designed for an operating pressure of 100 BAR
  • Solid Machined trolley made out of 30 MM Machined Frame
  • 2 no.s 8 MM SS 304 Wire ropes instead of chain
  • Lift Lock for safety
  • Imported Mono Block Power Pack
  • Control Cabling and rigid piping included
  • CE Certified meeting 19 EN specifications
  • Built-in provision for the Vibratory Sifter/ Mill to be electrically connected
  • Hydraulic Tilting arrangement for maintenance free operation
  • Limit switches for up & down movement
  • Limit switches for stopping the cone in 0 degree & 180 degree
  • M.C.B. and overload relays for electrical faults
  • Pilot operated Hose Burst Valve on the hydraulic cylinder for hydraulic safety
  • Single cone for 2 sizes of FBE Bowl with adaptor
  • Timer control for discharge valve
  • Mechanical & Pneumatic locking for Safety
Benefits For You
  • Dust-free transfer operations
  • Eliminates manual handling & tedious scooping
  • Low maintenance
  • Designed to European Safety Standards & cGMP standards
  • Variety of Optional features available including
  • Free standing unit
  • Hydraulic / Mechanical design
  • Adjustable stop
  • Additional lift column height
  • Double Column for heavier loads
  • Hydraulic arrangement for tilting
  • 180° SWIVEL column
  • Pneumatically actuated valve
  • Single cone for 2 sizes of FBE Bowl with adaptor
Tipper used in Industries
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Nutraceutical
  • Food
  • Chemical
  • Cosmetics
Technical Specifications


Oscillating Granulator High Shear Mixer Granulator Planetary Mixer
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