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Rapid Mixer GranulatorTapasya's Delumper is designed to handle through processing applications in varied industries including, chemical, plastics, food, nutraceuticals and pharmaceutical industry. It is a versatile size reduction equipment suitable for wet, dry, hard, soft, resinous, brittle or sticky material that renders them free flowing.

  • Cost effective, rapid de-agglomeration for varied industries
  • Ultra sanitary design for Pharmaceutical and Nutraceutical applications
  • Handles homogeneous or heterogeneous materials, dry powders, resinous, hard or soft agglomerates without degrading the product or overheating the product or producing fines
  • Powerful crushing capabilities, with option of increasing shaft length and number of blades
  • Engineered to fit into open or close systems
  • Material loading by gravity or integrated with vacuum transfer line for cost efficient high throughput
  • Specially designed delumper blades driven using cantilevered drive to execute positive once-through chopping action
  • Eliminates blockages in further processing of material
  • Easy cleaning & maintenance
  • Highly polished surfaces
  • cGMP compliant design
  • Can be installed on a platform or mobile structure
Benefits For You
  • Enables cost-effective, rapid de-agglomeration of variety of material
  • Easy maintenance
  • cGMP compliant
Delumper used in Industries
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Nutraceutical
  • Food
  • Chemical
Technical Specifications


Oscillating Granulator
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