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Sifter cum Multimill

Uni-Granulator has been developed basically to maintain the batch sanctity for the requirement of uniform sizing of dried granules and to obtain an output with a negligible product loss. The earlier system used to be : To pass the dried granules through Sifter and then pass the oversized granules through the Multi Mill or to pass the dried granules through the milling machine.
Multi Mill
Salient Features
  • High productivity machine with a capacity of 4 to 10 Kgs. output per minute.
  • Easy Dismantling, Cleaning and Reassembling in short duration of 10 to 15 Min.
  • The sieve drums are available In 4 to 40 mesh sizes and can be easily changed for different products.
  • Machine is portable and compact, mounted on a sturdy 55 frame.
  • Feed and Product discharge is continuous and has Dust free transfer system, both for charging and discharging of product.
  • Complete Vibration free and Soundless design .
  • Complete tool less design for easy Dismantling and Assembling reducing downtime.
  • Complete Tool less design with Zero Vibration and Sound.
  • Machine can easily dismantled, cleaned and assembled within 10-15 min reducing the Production Downtime and hence Increasing Productivity.


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